• Manufactured in a clean, well-organized, and environmentally friendly facility
  • Tool sampling at reasonable cost
  • Long and short runs not a problem
  • Machine capabilities from 80 to 310 tons
  • Processing capabilities include engineered resins, including Acetals and PVC
  • Capable of running multiple mold designs, hot runners, unscrewing and multiple core pulls
  • Experienced in running LED lenses, electrical connectors, and drinking water-related parts
  • Spin welding, sonic welding and pad printing available
  • Material recycling available upon request
  • Free shipping with a 100-mile radius (minimum run requirements)

  • Mold development to meet your product requirements
  • Material changes to better the life or function of your product
  • Mold modifications to enhance product or mold function
  • Tooling quotes

Low overhead and 30-years experience make us your best buy for injection molding products. Call to discuss your requirements. Ask for Terry Voss.

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